“Watermarked One”– What’s In a Name?

I’ve always been fascinated by watermarks. You hold what looks like an ordinary piece of paper up to the light and the light penetrates it to reveal a beautiful mark. I think most of us have “watermarks” on our lives—truths that God has made real to us in a personal way. They’re spots where, if we’re willing to be transparent, God’s light can be seen through us a little bit.

God has sent many experiences, many truths, and many small glimpses of who He is that have watermarked my life. He’s taught me lessons that have uniquely shaped me, and when His light is shining you can see those marks of His hand. I have learned, however, that if I want God’s light to shine through me I have to be humbly transparent and I have to stand close to the Light. When I do both, His light illuminates beautiful images of His truth, love, and grace. This blog is an effort at the transparency bit of the equation–to share the ways God is marking and shaping my life so that, hopefully, His light can be seen.



  1. Great name! I love it!

  2. jen said,

    Just wondering if you have ever heard of the Christian music group called Watermark? I saw them in concert a long time ago and really liked them. I think it was a husband wife team.

    • Tamara said,

      Yes! I like them. I remember listening to them while falling asleep at senior retreat. :)

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