September 12, 2011

The Song Adam Sang to Me

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I was in labor with Berean for about 25 hours before they decided they had to do a c-section.  Adam had to wait outside the operating room until they prepped me, and when they wheeled me into the operating room they were playing a song that I hate and that always gets stuck in my head.  That’s all you need when you’ve just gone through a day of labor and are about to have a major operation: an annoying song stuck in your head!  I tried to hum a different song, but the drugs were kicking in, I was convulsing and throwing up at the same time, had a bunch of people buzzing around me, and for some reason I just couldn’t quite think straight….

When they finished prepping me they let Adam come in.  He sat down next to me, said hi, laid his hand on my head, held a barf bag for me (romantic, I know)….  When I was finished throwing up that irritating song was still in my head, so I asked him what the lyrics were to “In Christ Alone.”

They were just starting the c-section, so he leaned in close and started singing it to me.  We locked eyes and he sang through the whole operation.  One verse made me tear up, where it says “From life’s first cry to final breath, Jesus commands my destiny.”  It was the perfect thing to hear after all the stress of the hours of labor and praying that our precious baby would be healthy and safe.  Right after Adam finished singing that verse, Berean was born and we heard his first cry!  It still gets me choked up thinking about it.

It’s one of my favorite songs to sing, and I sing it to Rean all the time.  I love it because it beautifully and clearly explains the whole gospel.  I try to tell Rean the gospel as often as I can.  I know he can’t understand the words yet, but I want him to be hearing truth from the minute he can.  My parents did the same with me—I actually don’t remember a time when I didn’t believe the gospel.  Since childhood I’ve examined my faith hard, as well as deeply studied many other religions, so I can unequivocally say that my faith is my own and that Christ has proven Himself to me countless times.  But I am so glad that my parents explained the truth to me when I was young, and I want to do the same for Berean!

It’s not that I want to brainwash him.  His name means “Seeker of Truth and Light,” and that’s what I hope: that he will examine what he hears and diligently search for truth.  But I am certainly going to tell him what I believe and encourage him to test it for himself!

We went on a walk the other day, and I was pointing out to Rean all the things that God had made, and telling him how nature shows us what God is like.  Telling him the Gospel has been great practice for me.  How to you explain it simply enough that a little child could understand, and without all the “Christianese” terms that don’t really mean anything (did you know the Bible never actually says to “Ask Jesus into your heart?”)  So as we were walking along I was telling Rean that God is perfect, but we’re not perfect.  We do bad things, and because we do bad things, God has to punish us.  But, He doesn’t want to punish us, so He came to earth and got punished instead of us.  He died with his hands and feet nailed onto a cross.  But, He didn’t stay dead!  He was buried for three days and then came back to life!  If we believe that is true, we get to go to heaven.  Heaven is a place where we get to be with God and always be happy; never hungry or lonely or grouchy, but always happy and loved and with everything perfect.

A few nights ago I was rocking Rean before bed and started singing “In Christ Alone.”  He reached up to put his hand on my cheek, and he looked into my eyes the whole time I was singing.  Oooosh!  There melts my heart.  I love my little boy so much, and I pray with all my heart that I’ll get to spend forever with him and Adam and Jesus in heaven.

I love this new version of the song by Owl City, except that he leaves out a verse!  What?!  But I like it because it reminds me of Adam singing.

And now you can listen to the whole thing:

Love, love, love!