September 16, 2011

Go West, Young Family!

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I’ve put off writing this for three reasons: 1) I can’t think of a clever/exciting/funny way to say it, 2) It’s hard to hold a baby and type with one hand (as I’m doing now), and 3) I’m afraid as soon as I post it something will change.  But oh well.  So, guess what?  We’re moving to Colorado!!

I wrote here about some of the reasons we started thinking about moving, and we’ve decided we’re going to move.  It’s taking all my self-control not to add an “I think” or “Hopefully” after that pronouncement because there are so many details still up in the air.  And then there’s always this: Proverbs 16:9  “The mind of man plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.”  And then there’s the fact that I get a little weepy every time I think about leaving our beautiful home!  But that’s the downside.  The upside(s):

Grandparents, aunts, and uncles!  Rean’s spectacular adorableness just shouldn’t go un-admired.  There have been countless times I’ve ached to have them here for some new milestone or cute antic of his.  Also, can you say…”date night?”  Because I can, once I add “babysitting” to the end of it!  I am so excited Rean will get to know his extended family.  I only wish the Wisconsin side of the family would be there, too.  L

I’m also excited that some of my high school friends seem to also be migrating back to Colorado.  It will be so fun to get reacquainted with them!

I think the seminary will be just what Adam wants.  It sounds like the professors and academic record are just stellar, so I’m excited.

And in case that’s not enough upsides…did you notice what state I said?  COLORADO!  Rocky Mountains!  Need I really say more?

The deciding factor was that earlier this week Adam was offered a transfer with his job.  Thank you, Lord!  After two months of frustration that I won’t elaborate on because it still raises my hackles, he was finally able to talk to the right people, which quickly resulted in a glowing letter of recommendation for him, two phone interviews, and a “When can you start?”  We’re still working on the answer to that question, but we’re hoping within the next 1-2 months.

It definitely doesn’t seem real yet—I don’t think it will until we’re driving away.  Now we have to pray our house will sell, which is kind of a discouraging topic since a) The two years we’ve been here clearly fall short of the 5-10 years we thought we’d be here when it was bought and b) Have I mentioned I love our house??  But, God is providing so far (the provision of the house in the first place was rather miraculous), so I’m praying for another miracle.  I wouldn’t mind your prayers on that front, either!

I’ll try to keep updating as we get the details worked out…but for now: Colorado, here we come!

This will soon be my view when driving around town. Aaaaaahhh! So lovely!