June 1, 2012

Child + Sniffles + Paranoia = Hypo-mom-driac

Posted in Watermarks in Progress tagged , , at 11:41 pm by Tamara

A couple nights ago Bear got a cold.  Nothing serious, just a stuffy/runny nose.  So I plugged in the humidifier when I put him in bed, hoping it would help him breathe.  In the morning it was stifling hot in there, so the next night I adjusted things.  Last night was night three of his cold, and the set up in his bedroom was as follows:

  • Humidifier to make it more humid
  • Door open to keep it from getting too humid
  • Window cracked to make it cooler
  • Space heater plugged in to keep it from getting too cold
  • Couple drops of tea tree oil in humidifier to help him breathe
  • Way fewer drops than recommended in case he has an allergic reaction and can’t breathe
  • Lightweight pajamas in case he gets too hot
  • Sleepsack in case he gets too cold
  • White noise machine on to keep it from being too quiet
  • Me, tiptoeing like a cat burglar to keep from being too loud as I check all this to make sure he’s still alive.

Parenting is funny.  ;)



  1. Mom Hamill said,


    You are such a gifted writer! Laughed when I read this, laugh every time I remember it!!

  2. Mom said,

    Hilarious! Being able to put a humorous bent on all of that is an extremely useful skill for hypo-mom-driacs to possess!

    (Rean sure looks impressed too, haha)

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