January 15, 2012

Berean, Nine Months Old

Posted in Watermarks in Progress at 10:56 pm by Tamara

Berean just turned nine months old.  He is changing so quickly!  He’s a crawling pro, but you can hardly get a glimpse of him crawling because he’s MUCH more interested in walking than crawling.  He pulls himself up on anything he can get to—when he’s in his pack and play he completely ignores his toys and either stands there watching me or just toddles around, holding onto the railing until he falls over (with his poor little face squishing into the mesh rather hilariously) and then he scrambles right back up and keeps going.  When I get him out he’ll hold my fingers and we’ll go on walking adventures all around the house.  He’s too cute poking his little legs straight out in front of him like a tin soldier.  The most exciting thing on our adventures is always when he spots the kitty.  He squeals and tries to copy the cat’s “meow” sounds and has even said “Ki-ty!” a few times!

The only downside of these fun developments (besides trying to figure out how to make the house toddler-safe) is that it’s so hard to get pictures of him!  He has three “poses” lately:

1) The Departing Caboose


2) The "See You Later"


3) The Blur

I’m going to have to get faster or more creative with my picture taking skills!

He’s getting more teeth to add to his bottom two.  I think it’s the top this time—he keeps wrinkling his nose and doing the Elvis lip.  It is so funny!  Unfortunately I haven’t managed to get a picture of it, but his toothy grin is pretty cute, too!

What an adorable toothy grin!

Tonight I was snuggling him before bed and I told him I loved him and was sorry that his teeth hurt and that if I could take his pain away I would. He put his little hand up to my face and stroked my cheek with his thumb as if to say, “I know, Mommy. I love you, too.”  Sniff!  Melt his mommy’s heart!

He has such soulful eyes!

It’s fun to compare Berean’s first nine months with the nine months I was pregnant.  These past nine months have been so full of memories and new discoveries that it seems like they were much longer than the time I was pregnant.  It’s amazing how the wonder of holding my little boy and watching him grow has blurred away all the misery of being pregnant.  I’d do it a hundred times over if that’s what it took to have my sweet little boy!



  1. Mom said,

    Even though I have the honor and blessing of seeing him every day, I love reading your posts about him and looking at the pictures!

    • Tamara said,

      I spend quite a lot of time looking at pictures of him, too. Especially when he’s asleep and I’m missing him! ;)

  2. Lyn said,

    Baby’s first year is SO full of new developments! Great idea to record them in a blog including all your thoughts and feelings and interactions with him along the way.

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