September 24, 2011

Our Home

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I felt a little weepy the other day when the realtor put the For Sale sign in front of our house.  It means we’ve officially said someone else can have our house if they want it.  (Wait, WHAT?!  No you can’t!  Go away!  MINE!!!)

Okay…I know I can’t say that.  But that doesn’t meant I don’t want to.

So, I thought I’d post some pictures for posterity’s sake, and because our house makes me so happy.  Oh, and if you (or someone you know) wants to buy a home in Columbia, let me know.  I GUESS I’d let you buy it.  But only because I know if you’re reading this I like you, so you’ll provide a good home for our house.  So without further ado, the grand tour:

Our Happy Little Home

Our living room and front door. The blue/brown/green color scheme is so peaceful and soothing to me. It's a complete 180 from the Middle-Eastern-inspired gold and red apartment I had when I was single, and I've loved them both!

It's a travesty, but we've never used the fireplace. We didn't even think to use it when we moved in and the heater was broken and it was 40 degrees inside. Oh well--it sure is pretty to look at! I ADORE the paint color in this room. It's called Twilight: a gray-blue with purple undertones. Ah! Love!

Dining room. The chandellier in here makes me so happy--it replaced a hideous gold thing that I stared at in consternation and disapproval for a year and a half! (OH, and it is brushed kind of looks gold in the picture. Ahk!) And I love the pretty table and chairs we got from wonderful friends!

Kitchen. Had we been here longer, I probably would have painted the cabinets white and put brushed nickle hardware on them. I love the pretty new floors and stainless appliances (the ones when we bought the house were a giant shudder of horror!)

The cheery breakfast nook!

Berean's room. The Poohbear decals go all the way around the room. His crib should be where that bed is, but it's still in our room, so....

Lots of sweet cuddles happen in that rocker. Warm fuzzies in my heart!

Hall bath. I love that shower curtain. Except that it shrunk. So if you buy it...don't put it in the dryer.

The office side of the office

The library/music room side of the office. We packed away two whole book shelves. Sniff. It's okay, little books! We'll be reunited again soon! The violin painting was Adam's grandma's. We miss her!! The piano music is open to a song called "Own Me." Get it? Subliminal messaging for potential home buyers?? Haha! Yeah...I doubt anyone will notice. ;)

Master bedroom. Someday I'm going to make a beautiful headboard. And stain the nightstands. And do a gorgeous ombre paint effect on our dressers. And....

Master bath. There's no way to get the pretty purple shower curtain in the picture, unfortunately. It has a huge tub, which would be spectacular if I wasn't completely freaked out by all the bacteria and parasites that I am sure lurk in tubs, resisting my futile attempts to disinfect them to death. (In other words, I only take showers. With flip flops on. This is another topic that seems to come up much more often in my blog posts than I think it should. Hm.) There is also a great walk-in closet with plenty of room to display my RED SHOES! Oh, how I love them.

The raised bed square-foot garden Adam built. Uh...this picture may have been from last year. Because this year I may have planted the garden and then totally abandoned it to the savage South Carolina heat. I have gardener guilt. Although those of you who know me know that it probably died a kinder death at the hands of the elements than it might have at the hand of my black thumb. One thing remains this year, though: my beloved rosemary!! It survived three freak snowstorms and is growing spectacularly, without me doing ANYTHING to help it. Sniff. I already loved rosemary, and love it so much more now for it's valiant effort!

Well, there you have it, a tour of our beloved house.  We have been SO blessed to live here.  We’ve learned a TON about handyman skills, been able to have dogs, been surrounded by an environment that makes me feel cosy and happy, and made so many memories.  It never could have happened without my incredible parents who have blessed us so generously.  We love you!

I’m so sad to leave, but also trusting that God has great things and wonderful memories waiting for us in Colorado.  And I know, ultimately, that Adam and Rean and time together are what will make our home, whether it’s a mansion or a cardboard box.  Before you know it I’ll be blogging about our new apartment!  Looking forward to it!



  1. mary said,

    Your home is beautiful. Everything looks perfect–even the breakfast nook chairs turned just right. Also, we have those same candle holders that you have above your bed and I love the piece you have between them. I love those nightstands and lamps in your bedroom, too. And I have always wanted a raised garden bed like you have but I don’t know why because I do NOT have a green thumb either! Looks like you guys did so much work on the house and I am sure it will be hard to leave a house you love so much. But, I trust the Lord will give you a home just as wonderful in Colorado!

  2. mary said,

    Oh, and I meant to say I chuckled at your problem with bathtubs. I guess you probably wouldn’t have been a fan of the public bath houses I miss so much in Japan!

    • Tamara said,

      Haha! That’s ironic; I told Adam the other day that I was thinking how nice it would be to go to a hot tub, and realized that hot tubs probably have WAY more germs than my bathtub, yet they don’t freak me out. It’s all mental, I know!

  3. Mom said,

    I find myself getting a little emotional looking at the pictures too. They bring back sweet memories of living with you while waiting for Rean to appear, and then getting to cuddle the sweet little guy. You have truly made the house a home; when you get here, I’m hoping to borrow your expertise for some decorating ideas for our home. Haha, love your subliminal message. Ya never know, it just may work! On the subject of your tub, it all began when you took that biology class at Red Rocks. You never should have looked in that microscope at all the little beasties! And remember, you’ll be bringing your red shoes with you. :) Ah, the garden looks so cute. We DID have fun planting it this year, after all. I really don’t care so much that it didn’t produce much. The experience of planting it together was very special. I love you, and am SO glad you’re moving to Denver!!!

    • Tamara said,

      I agree about the garden! I guess I like planning and planting them much more than the work it takes to keep them alive. ;) Planting it with you was definitely the best part. Maybe I’ll come dig around in your garden once we’re there. Although I might kill it. Heh. I’m curious if the rosemary would live if I tried to bring some of it with me. I just cut off three big bundles and I’m drying them, but I’m curious if I could transplant the plant.

      That biology class was also about the time that I went to Indonesia and they told us to wear flip flops because little parasites could crawl in through our feet and give us worms. Gaaaah!

      And yay, decorating! (rubs hands together in excitement!) Let’s do it!!

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