August 31, 2011

Decision Making

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Well, we’ve decided we want to move to Colorado!  (I wrote here about the reasons we were thinking about it, in case you missed it.)  Unfortunately, wanting to move and moving are two very different things.  We have been waiting for weeks for Adam’s job to tell him if he can transfer, and haven’t heard a thing.  Every time we ask they just say they’ll call person X, Y, or Z and see what’s going on.  I am getting really, REALLY frustrated.  He’s applied for some bus driving jobs, but they won’t consider his application until he has a Colorado driver’s license.  There are a lot of openings and he’s qualified for them, so we could just move and hope he gets hired, but that sends my warning lights screaming dire predictions about ending up broke and living in our parents’ basement for the next five years.  Yikes!  So yeah.

We were also having trouble for a while getting our questions answered by the school.  They weren’t answering calls or e-mails, which was weird and stressful.  Then there was a mix up when we were trying to contact the realtor…etc etc.   Pretty much as soon as we made the decision to move, everything ground to a halt.  It’s been quite the contrast to our move here, where the doors just flew open.  I confess it’s made me wonder AGAIN “Are we doing the right thing??”

At first I was praying “Lord, if this is your will, please open the doors.”  Which sounds good enough, but the more I think about it, I don’t know that it’s the best way to make decisions. Biblically speaking, easiness isn’t really the hallmark of God’s direction.  Paul said once that “a wide door for effective service has opened to me, and there are many adversaries” (1 Corinthians 16:8).  So apparently there can be a “wide door” and difficulties at the same time.  On the other hand, there’s Jonah who could easily have said “Oh look!  God provided a ship for Tarshish!  And He provided the money for me to buy my ticket!  It must be his will!”  And clearly that was the exact opposite of God’s command.

I’m not saying we aren’t praying for God to provide the things we need to follow Him.  But I am rethinking my “open doors” guidance thoughts.  I confess I’m discouraged, but realizing that facing some roadblocks or speed bumps shouldn’t make me give up or automatically decide we’re “out of God’s will.”  We’re still pressing forward, while at the same time carefully listening in case God wants to tell us to do something else.  All our reasons for going still seem wise and it doesn’t violate any moral command, so we’re going to keep trying.  I would really appreciate prayer for wisdom and, yes, that (unless He has some reason He doesn’t want us to go that He hasn’t told us yet) that God will provide the things we’ll need to make it work.

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  1. Stacy said,

    Sorry to hear that it’s been so up and down. I will definitely be praying for more clarity and direction. Love you guys!

  2. Andrea said,

    Very thought provoking Tamara, definitely a question I have been asking myself recently with the delayed response I have been receiving from an ER position. Can’t help but question my thoughts about the “open door” idea. A recent question of mine has been, “if this is taking so long and there have been so many different obstacles I have encountered, is this really where God wants me?” There have definitely been times in my life that doors flew open (ie. India) and this time it is a little bit more of a cracked window. However, I am just trusting that though things haven’t happened quickly like in the past there is no reason that God isn’t using this as a teaching tool for me also just in a different way than I anticipated.

    So all that to say, maybe this is just a different way that God is showing you his ultimate control. Just be willing for whatever God has in store and in His time He will work out the details. Praying for Adam and you!

  3. Mom Hamill said,

    I appreciate the evidence of maturity in your walk with God as I read your thoughts on this, Tamara. That you are continuing to press forward to pursue what you believe to be God’s direction, still being willing for God to give you a course correction if that turns out to be His best for you. I have come to believe that God, perhaps more than just about anything else, delights in our willingness to surrender our plans to Him. And it sounds like, as you wait for things to fall into place, that’s just where your heart is! :)

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