August 28, 2011

Playing Baby Games

Posted in Water Droplets tagged at 8:54 am by Tamara

Berean is four and a half months old now, and every day is more fun than the last!  We’re seeing his little personality develop, and he’s starting to play little games with us.  I love it!

First is the eternal classic Peek-a-Boo.  He’ll put the blanket over his own face now, which amazes me!  It means he’s learned a cause and effect (if I put this over my face and then take it off, Mommy makes a funny noise!) and also a sequence of events (put it up, pull it down, hear funny noise!)  Those are pretty major developments!

He’s just so yummy that I love to pretend to eat him.  Now he’ll play along—I’ll open my mouth and make a “nom, nom, nom” noise, and he’ll wave his hand in front of my mouth teasing me for a bit before he pokes it in my mouth and I “gobble” up his hand.  He thinks it’s hilarious, and I love that he’s learned the coordination to put it up to my mouth, and also the interaction that he can tease me for a bit before he lets me gobble him.  So cute!!

I also love that he’s interested in interacting with us.  He loves touching my face now.  I’ll stand him up in my lap and he’ll put both hands on the sides of my face and pull me to him.  Aaaaaw!  I’ll either give him a kiss and squeal “I kissed you!” or say “Can I have a kiss?” and put my cheek to his mouth and make a kissing sound and squeal “Aw, thank you!”  He just loves the reactions either way, and will grin and squeal back with an adorable little bashful shrug.

The desire to interact with us is such an exciting thing.  It means that he’s showing an interest in and ability to develop relationships, which is huge, and something I don’t take for granted!  I just love playing with him and hearing his adorable squeals and giggles and seeing the mischievous sparkle in his eyes.



  1. Stacy said,

    Such cuteness!! He is the sweetest thing :) I loved it when the kids started getting more interactive like that. They are so much fun.

  2. Mom said,

    He is learning to interact because he has a mommy and daddy who love him and have interacted with him every day of his life! I love the little grins he gives the “camera” in the videos I love to watch. ;-) I can’t wait to see and hug him again!

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