August 8, 2011


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I forgot to take pictures with Josh & Megan :( But here's one with Josh from our our wedding!

The past two weekends we’ve gotten two huge treats: visits from friends!  First Adam’s college roommate Josh and his wife Megan came to Myrtle Beach for a family reunion.   We drove over there and had a great time introducing them to Berean, catching up, playing Ticket to Ride, and enjoying the beach house their family rented.  The one thing I failed to do was take pictures.  Sigh!  I never got to know Josh and Megan very well because they lived in Madison when we were in Milwaukee, but on the drive home I told Adam how sad I was that we don’t live close by them, because I just love them!  It’s not that often that you can have a close friend from your single years and then both get married and have all four of you get along.  Every time we’re with Josh and Megan, though, we have so much fun!  It was such a treat to get to see them!

This weekend my college roommate Danielle and her husband David came to visit us.  What are the chances of both Adam and I getting to see our old roommates in one week??  Danielle and David are preparing to go overseas as missionaries, and they made a stop here during their crazy summer of traveling all over the U.S.  It was so, so fun to see them!

Berean is a very smiley boy for me and Adam, but he’s pretty thoughtful whenever he meets new people.  When I handed him to Danielle, though, he was immediately all smiles.  He knows a pretty lady when he sees one!  David, however, smiled at Rean from across the table and flashed a peace sign, and Berean immediately burst into tears.  Lol!  Poor David!  Berean had pretty much the same reaction to Megan and Josh, interestingly enough.  He smiled and cooed for Megan, but Josh came up and made a funny face at him and he started wailing.  Poor Baby!  What’cha gonna do?  I guess he just likes charming the womenfolk.

Danielle and I truly are kindred spirits.  We are ridiculously alike in the way we see the world—David and Adam were just shaking their heads at all the things that we think make perfect sense that they..don’t.  Haha!  The guys decided to go see a boy movie in the evening so that Danielle and I could reenact the oh-so-fun girls’ nights we would have during our single years (Berean was allowed to join the girl party, however, and he got very upset when I tried to put him in bed before it was over!)  We ate the same junk food we used to get, watched a girly movie, and talked about everything under the sun.  Danielle is one of those friends I can dissolve in uncontrollable laughter with one moment and then share the deepest things on my heart with the next.  What a blessing to have a friend like that!!  I wish they lived closer, but it was so, so good to see them!

So, Adam and I are starting this week sleep-deprived from staying up too late talking, but so refreshed.  It’s amazing what visits with wonderful friends can do to encourage you!  Now all the rest of you who I love and miss so much need to come see us!!


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  1. Mom said,

    Goodness, Josh and David don’t look that scary. But I can see why he was charmed by Danielle! :-)

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