August 1, 2011

Baby Discoveries

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I absolutely love being a mommy.  I’ve been wanting to blog about that for a long time now, but I just despair at ever coming up with words to say how much I love this little boy!  It’s easier to blog about being a bad mommy, because if I can’t get across just how badly I’ve failed, I’m okay with that!  But I would really, REALLY like to be able to express how much I love Berean, and how much fulfillment (more like overflowing-ment) I feel in being his mommy.   Really,  I feel so much contentment filling this new role—I love our simple little routine of eating, sleeping, playing, changing diapers, folding baby laundry, snuggling away tears, exploring new things…even getting up seven times in one paragraph to put a binkie back in his mouth.  (smile)

Now look here, Doggie. You are going to get in my lap!

He is in such a fun phase right now.  He’s starting to get more mobile and a lot more coordinated.  I am just fascinated watching him figure out that he can impact things.  Figuring out cause and effect is a huge developmental milestone, and when you’re a baby the effect of everything from gravity to muscle response is a whole new world!  On a more philosophical note, my biggest pet peeve is apathy, and my biggest fear is being ineffective.  Few things frustrate me more than seeing something I think should change and not feeling able to change it, so I have a LOT of sympathy for babies.  Even if it’s something as simple as

not being able to reach a toy or being stuck in an uncomfortable position or unable to get your binkie back in your mouth…how frustrating!  Watching Rean get frustrated when he thinks something should change and then discover that he can impact his surroundings is so exciting to me.  I love the proud smile he gives me when he rolls over and I lavishly praise him, or the open-mouthed fascination on his face when he’s spinning the rattle on his jumperoo, or the way he giggles when he’s playing with his toes, even his grunts and squeals of aggravation when he’s tired of being on his tummy.  I know I’m watching him just beginning to realize that he can change the world.

It may sound sappy, but it gives me chills!  Who knows what he’ll accomplish?  And not just big mountain-moving things, but who knows all the little ways he could encourage or inspire another, stand up for truth when it’s not popular, shed a little light in the darkness….  I just feel so fascinated and blessed to get to watch and participate in his life.



  1. Mom said,

    Special baby, special mama! I loved reading your post. Love y’all!

  2. Sounds like a super special relationship! Keep having lots of fun with your baby!

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