June 25, 2011

The Winds of Change, They Are a Blowin’

Posted in Watermarks in Progress at 7:33 pm by Tamara

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year and a half since Adam and I moved to South Carolina.  At that time we were thinking we wanted to move overseas and do counseling ministry with missionaries and humanitarian aid workers, which meant Adam (and maybe I) needed to get a counseling license.   When we researched schools the best pastoral counseling degree we found was here, so here we came!

Well, about a year ago, Adam started wondering if his second-choice degree (Bible exposition) was really his first choice.  In spite of his background in psychology, he really disliked the classes that dealt with things like DSM-IV diagnosing, insurance billing, legal issues in counseling, etc, but really enjoyed the classes that dealt with doctrine, theology, and discipleship.  The more we talked about it, the more we decided that he isn’t really interested in a ministry where he’s expected to solve all of someone’s problems in an hour a week.  He prefers more in-depth Bible teaching, mentoring, and discipleship, and kept going back to how much he loved his time at Bible school.  Both of us feel like our time there changed our lives—it was two amazing years of going through the Bible cover to cover, seeing how all the stories fit together and apply to our lives, and being encouraged and counseled by the staff there.  So, Adam has decided that he wants to change his major from Pastoral Counseling to Bible Exposition.  There are a lot of places this could take us: teaching at a Bible college stateside, teaching pastors in a foreign country, teaching missionaries’ kids at an international school, etc.  And jobs like that would perfectly mix two things he loves: in-depth Bible teaching and mentoring.

The seminary he’s at now has a great Bible Exposition degree, but the thing is, so does almost every seminary, so suddenly there isn’t as much reason for us to be here.  Frankly, the past 18 months here have been hard.  We left a lot when we moved: family, friends, a church we loved, ministry positions, and a missions school we loved.  We decided it was worth it since this was the best place for Adam to get the degree he’d need for where we were headed.  But, once he decided to change his degree, we started asking “Why are we here?”  It got a lot harder once we found out Rean was on the way, and thought of him growing up away from his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  If we could get this degree near family, why would we stay here?

So…all that to say, we’re thinking about moving!  There is a small seminary in Denver (where my family lives) that has a Masters of Theology program that would cost less than half of what we’d pay here, and we’d be near family.  (And did I mention it’s in COLORADO??)  The only downside is we haven’t convinced Adam’s family to move there yet.  Still working on that.  We still have some questions about the school, but he’s sent in an application and if he gets accepted we’ll go from there.

Our lives are a little up in the air as we wait for that, and my brain has been spinning thinking of everything that would need to happen (quickly) if he does get accepted—transferring/finding jobs, selling the house, finding a place to live, moving (with a baby!  Eeek!) etc.  But, God blew me away with how He opened the doors to come here (a rather confusing fact which I will have to write another post about), so I’m sure He’ll work it out if He wants us to move!  We shall see!



  1. There are three seminaries in Colorado. If the two near Denver don’t pan out you can always go to my seminary (New Geneva) in Colorado Springs (snicker). They hold classes at night so students can work during the day. But, in any case, we would love to have you back in your home state, and I would so enjoy getting to know your boys! Loves and hugs. Don

  2. mary said,

    This is so exciting Tamara! Praying for you as you trust God to open the right doors. Moving with a baby isn’t the easiest but hopefully you’ll get plenty of help!

  3. Becky said,

    Just wondering how the application process(es) are going and when to expect some sort of an answer!

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