June 11, 2011

Colorado, Here We Come!

Posted in Watermarks in Progress at 8:38 pm by Tamara

Tomorrow Rean and I will be flying to Colorado for my sister’s wedding! Adam will come out Tuesday night, but he could only get a few days off and we wanted Rean to get some time with the family, so I’m flying out before him and we’ll fly home together. I am so excited for Rean to meet his Grandpa L., Aunt Cristine, Uncle Nate, and soon to-be Uncle Aaron! And, of course, see Grandma L. again. What a great two-month birthday present!

I am rather apprehensive about flying alone with an 8-week old, however. Everyone has told me to feed Rean during take-off and landing so his ears will pop and he hopefully won’t cry. I was planning to pump and take bottles, but Rean has decided this past week that he will NOT take the bottle. Not sure why—the first few times we tried he had no problem, but now he’s refusing them. About the only thing I can think of that sounds more awkward than trying to nurse on a plane is being glared at by other passengers for having a crying baby. Heh. We also have a layover in Atlanta, which is swiftly giving O’Hare a run for its money as my most hated airport. Hopefully we’ll get out of there without incident—if something goes wrong with my flight and they make me sleep on a tile floor with an 8 week old, someone may die! : P

But, maybe everything will just go swimmingly!  Rean really is a pretty good-natured little guy–he’ll probably charm his fellow passengers.  ; )  And regardless, I am so excited to be in Colorado with my family!! I’m excited for Colorado weather, too. I’ve been running around town trying to get errands done before I leave, and the heat and humidity here are just crazy! Speaking of errands, I have to pick up my bridesmaid’s dress this afternoon. Nothing like having time to spare! These poor dresses have been a bit of a fiasco. First they were custom ordered from a place that was supposed to make them according to each girl’s measurements, but they showed up and they were a disaster. Wrong color, wrong fabric, and horrible fit. So poor Cristi had to rush to David’s Bridal and find something they could get in three weeks. She found a pretty dress, so I ordered it, but they couldn’t do the alterations in time, so I took it to a little alterations shop. I got it back two days ago, and they had made it too tight! I took it back yesterday morning, and they are supposed to have it done by this afternoon. I just pray it fits right this time! What an adventure!

My sister is marrying the first guy she ever dated. They dated for two years in high school, broke up eleven years ago, got back together last year, and now they’re getting married! It’s a pretty neat story. Fun to marry your first love!

Well, I should probably start packing…. Colorado, here we come! Yay!!


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  1. mary said,

    I sure hope the dresses work out! Your poor sister…that would definitely be a bit stressful having to choose a new bridesmaid dress at the last minute!

    And I will be praying for smooth travels for you and Rean. We first flew when Lizzie was 2.5 months old but I was thankful to have Eric along with me. I don’t tend to be one of those people that is all about my right to nurse wherever I want to. I always prefer nursing in private but that is hard when you’re flying. I nursed Lizzie when we were taking off and landing and it wasn’t that bad. I’ll be praying that maybe the Lord will bless you with an empty seat next to you! If there is someone there, they will be the only person to really see you though and the rest of the people on the plane won’t even notice that you are feeding him. If he is sleeping or won’t eat, just wiggle the pacifier around in his mouth to keep him sucking.

    Have a great time showing him off!

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