May 14, 2011

Ice Cream Adventure

Posted in Water Droplets tagged , at 10:31 pm by Tamara

Adam and I decided to take Berean on a walk today.  We thought we’d get lunch at an ice cream place a few blocks away that we’d never been to.  It was beautiful and sunny when we started and Rean was quite happy rumbling along.

Our city doesn’t believe in sidewalks (boo!) so we went off-roading a bit through some back lots and fields, but we made it there!

When we got to the ice cream place we discovered that they didn’t have any food food, so we decided to go get sandwiches at the deli next door, which was great!

When we finished we thought we’d walk to the Redbox and get a movie for tonight before getting our ice cream.  Some ominous black clouds rolled in about then and it started to sprinkle.  We’ve had some incredible thunder storms lately (the other night there was a thunderbolt that literally shook the floors of our house!), so we decided not to risk getting baby caught in the rain.  Rean and I ducked into Kohls (dangerous!) while Adam walked home to get the car.  Sure enough, when he was about half way home it started pouring.  He was absolutely soaked through when he got back, but he saved Rean and I!  What a great dad.  We never actually got our ice cream, but it was fun family time!  I love it when Adam has days off!


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  1. Mom said,

    Thanks for the fun story of your adventure. Yay to Adam for sacrificing himself for his family! Tamara, you look like you’re really enjoying that bite. Nice looking hat, Adam. :-)

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