May 8, 2011

First Mother’s Day

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Berean's Mother's Day outfit : )

Happy Mother’s Day!  Berean greeted me this morning with my first mother’s day gift: a diaper blow out in my lap.  Ha!  Adam gave me a great mother’s day gift himself, though: cleaning up the blow out!  Aw.  Actually, he gave me a dozen beautiful roses, cleaned the bathrooms, and has been doing diaper duty all day.  What a great husband.  : )

We went to church as a family for the first time today.  Yay!  We got out the door on time (a miracle??) and even arrived early.  When we parked I had a sudden feeling of panic, though, and informed Adam “I’m not getting out.  What if he cries through the whole service or something??”  Adam’s calm response was “Then we’ll have a great story to tell for the rest of his life of how he behaved the first time we took him to church.”  Haha.  But, wonderfully, he sat contentedly through the singing and zonked out during the sermon.  I wanted to thank our pastor for preaching such a great sermon that put baby right to sleep!  Lol.

We seem to be hitting more of a stride the past week.  Rean is doing pretty good sleeping

He is such a cutie!!

—sometimes he has a hard time going down, but during the night he usually goes right back to sleep after eating.  So nice!  He often will go four hours in between feedings at night, which is also really nice!  Interestingly enough, though, he’s decided that he should not be in bed after 6am.  Oh, I PRAY I am not going to be raising a morning person!  Sometimes he’ll go back to sleep in his swing, so I’ve spent a lot of mornings on the couch, trying to sleep in between putting the pacifier back into his mouth when he starts crying.  Heh.  But, really, I think he’s doing really good.  He doesn’t (usually) cry all night, so what more can you ask for with a newborn??

Most days are going pretty well, too.  I’m figuring him out more and getting a better idea of his signals so I have a better idea how to “fix it,” which is encouraging!  I love when he falls asleep in my arms and we can just cuddle.  Melts my heart!  I’m definitely getting a little stir-crazy being at home alone, but he’ll be four weeks old on Tuesday, which means my pediatrician-imposed house arrest will end!  It will be really nice to know I can take him when I need to get out of the house (although now I have to figure out how to arrange feedings around the rest of life….)

So anyway.  All that to say, we’re doing pretty good!  Happy Mother’s Day!


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  1. Tim said,

    So when he’s a teenager and falls asleep during the sermon, he’ll have an excuse…

    Happy first Mother’s Day!

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