April 11, 2011

Baby’s Birthday Has Been Chosen

Posted in Watermarks in Progress at 4:58 pm by Tamara

Baby’s birthday has been chosen for him!!  We had our ultrasound this afternoon and my amniotic fluid has dropped to a five, so they decided it’s time to induce!  I’m supposed to go back to the hospital in an hour and they’re going to give me some pills to hopefully soften up my cervix tonight, and then they’ll start pitocin at 5 or 6 a.m. tomorrow morning.  The midwife warned that this could be a long, slow labor because my cervix isn’t very ready yet (sorry if this is too much information).  I’m still only 2 cm dilated, but at least that’s something!

I would love prayers that my body will cooperate with this process!!  My goal is still to go without pain medication, but I’m open to an epidural if things just aren’t working.  I’m going to take it as it comes.  Please pray for endurance, especially if this is a long labor.  And pray that things will progress fast enough that they won’t want me to have a c-section.

But, overall, I am SO excited to get this show on the road!  I can’t wait to meet Baby!!!!  They said he still looks like he’s doing great, so that’s the important thing.  I’ll have the computer and internet tonight, so hopefully you will all post very interesting things on Facebook to keep me occupied.  ;)

And hopefully the next time I post, it will be a birth announcement!!  Yay!!!



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  1. mary said,

    I feel like I could have written that exact same post two-and-a-half months ago! Praying for you!!

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