April 7, 2011

Baby Update

Posted in Watermarks in Progress at 6:28 pm by Tamara

Well, Baby’s due date (April 2nd) has come and gone!  I had an appointment with the midwife today where they did an ultrasound to see how Baby is doing.  He looks great—got 8 out of 8 points on his first test!  We’re raising a genius already!  Hehe.  Unfortunately, though, I’ve been put on house arrest—er—bed rest because my amniotic fluid is a little low.  They prefer it at a nine or a ten but I’m a seven (whatever that means).  She said it’s not critical unless it’s a five or less, but I have orders to stay on the couch, drink gallons upon gallons of water, and come back on Monday.  I’m only two centimeters dilated (siiiiiiiigh), so between that and the low fluid I’m not a good candidate to be induced right now (too high a chance of labor not progressing and me ending up needing a c-section.  Yuhk!)  Depending on how things look Monday (fluid drops or raises, I’m further dilated, etc) they could decide to induce Tuesday morning, or even wait until Friday (which is the latest they’ll let me go).  Unfortunately, Mom L’s flight home is Tuesday morning, and Mom H’s flight here isn’t until Tuesday afternoon!  What great timing.  Mom L. will probably change her flight if he hasn’t come by then, but then she’d have to miss an important work conference, so we’re really hoping he decides to come this weekend!

And…one more reason I’m really hoping he comes sooner rather than later…the ultrasound technician said he already weighs EIGHT POUNDS SEVEN OUNCES!!  Good grief!  This kid is already huge—what am I going to do if he keeps gaining weight??  I could have a nine pound baby by Tuesday!  Aah!  ;)



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  1. Ashley L. said,

    You can do it! Ultrasounds are off all the time, so no worries about him being HUGE. Your body was made to do this and you’ll be fine, although I know it’s not going exactly how you would plan it… I’m glad you have your mom to keep you company and glad that Adam’s mom will be there soon too! Talk to you soon!!!

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