January 24, 2011

Spring Nesting

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We keep hearing how this has been an unusually cold winter for South Carolina, and I have to agree that it has been pretty cold.  Not only has it snowed twice, but many mornings the temperature has only been in the teens when I’ve left for work.  Not exactly in the single digits with -40 degree wind chill, but still pretty cold.

Lately, though, we’ve had several days where temps have gotten close to the sixties, and to my Coloradan/Wisconsinite brain that can only mean one thing: SPRING!!  I really feel like it must be March or April, and then I’m disappointed when I realize it’s still January.  But, it’s got all sorts of Spring tasks on my brain.  For one, I desperately want to finish the wretched fence.  We’ve got half the posts up and about a fourth of the panels.  It’s so easy to nail up the panels once the posts are there, except for one thing: I can’t help Adam carry them anymore (last time I tried I almost fainted).  So, they sit in our garage.  We do have a wonderful friend who has volunteered to help, though, so maybe now that the weather is getting warmer we can finally finish the dumb thing!

I’m also back to mentally plotting flower and vegetable gardens.  Which is remarkable considering this is…well, ME.  The vegetable garden was a wah wah wah failure last year, in my opinion (except for the basil bush).  I think part of the problem was I planted too late and it got too hot and killed everything.  Again, I’m still thinking as though I’m in CO or WI, where you don’t dare plant until the last frost comes in, say, June.  Haha.  As for flowers, I really, really want to plant a purple crepe myrtle tree in the front yard, and some roses.  The problem is where to put roses—the front of the house never gets any sun, and I never go in the back yard.  Which might change if there was a fence!  And fewer burrs.  That’s another thing.  We have no front lawn, only a proliferation of wicked little burr-producing something.  I don’t know how you get rid of it, but I’m determined to find out.  I think we’re going to have to sod the front yard, but the back might be salvageable.  But one thing is for sure, those burrs are EVIL and must be destroyed!  Unfortunately, these pipe dreams also require another thing: money.  Wah wah waaaaaaaaaah.

Of course, there’s one other thing that Spring makes me think of: Baby!  I’ve been thinking that we’re getting so close to the due date, but it’s really still ten weeks away.  Still, I figure I have to get all my Spring (and Summer) tasks done in the next ten weeks, or they’ll probably never get done.  We’ve begun “nesting” by cleaning and organizing things like closets and those horrible miscellaneous drawers and boxes that seem to multiply incessantly.  Unfortunately, whenever I organize/purge the house always looks way worse before it gets better.  It’s all the piles of can’t-toss-don’t-know-where-to-put stuff.  I hate those piles.  So, our nest looks a lot more like a pile of sticks than a nest right now, but hopefully it will be put in place before April 2nd!

And, last but not least, all these Spring-ish thoughts always make me want my mom.  She was the one who would jump up and down when she saw the first crocuses poking through the snow and exclaim “Yay, Spring!  Go, go, go!!”  Love you, Mom.



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  1. Mom said,

    Hahaha! I got a kick out of reading this, and especially looking at those pictures. I especially like those of the beautiful one on the right. :-)

    I concur on just about everything you said about Spring, flowers, Baby, burs and nesting. I wouldn’t mind if it were Spring already and I had about 12 months of it to clean up messes in the house and yard and come see you and Adam and Baby and help you do the same!! Missing you and looking forward to seeing you in April!

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