January 17, 2011

Statistics < Pink M&Ms

Posted in Watermarks in Progress tagged at 6:55 pm by Tamara

Well, as of today, my break from classes has officially (tragically?) ended.  I decided to take some hard classes so I don’t have to worry about them once Baby Bear comes and I’m sleep deprived, so I’m taking “Statistics and Probability” and “Healthy Sexuality” (interesting combination, no?)  They are both intensives, so two classes is considered full time.  My stats class syllabus informed me that I should expect to spend at least 12 hours a week on homework, and 20 hours if I struggle with math.  (Grrrrrreat!!  This is my “happy” face!  Is it cracking yet??)  Thankfully I like my professor already—she’s a grandma and has sent us about ten encouraging e-mails so far, encouraging us to trust God to help us through everything, even statistics!  And, also thankfully, it is VALENTINE M&Ms season!!  If anything can help me get through this, it will be multiple bags of pink, red, and white M&Ms, which have been proven (by me) to taste even better and bring exponentially more happiness than regular M&Ms.  I have two big bags sitting here as I speak, which should at least get me through today.  Maybe.  I hope.

In other semi-related news, I’ve decided that Lily’s goal in life is to give me a taste of what motherhood will be like.  It seems that, without fail, I no sooner sit down to do something important (like register my stats lab program) then she starts barking and crying from the kitchen.  Two choices then: ignore her yapping while I wade through the ridiculously long list of all the ways the program can use my personal information and clean up her pee once I’m done, or take her outside and stand for five minutes in the rain while she sniffs around and does NOT pee and Knightley gets himself and his tie out all tangled up in the holly bushes, forcing me to paw around getting stabbed by the holly leaves in the rain trying to untangle him and then come inside with two reeking wet dogs and then deal with the error message that has popped up on my registration form and start all over again.  The moral of this story?  I think I’m going to need more Valentine M&Ms.


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