December 6, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow! …Please?

Posted in Watermarks in Progress at 11:10 am by Tamara

I love the snow!!  Seriously, I love winter.  I love the sparkly, clean, crisp, shocking, twinkling whiteness when everything is covered in snow.  I even remember being mildly amused when I’d open the door in Wisconsin and immediately have my breath sucked away by a blast of wind so cold I literally couldn’t breathe for a minute.  Strange?  Yes.  But true.  And considering that I hate being cold, I’m not sure how I manage to still love winter, but I do.  It may be my favorite season.

Think of what comes with winter, too, besides beautiful snow: twinkling Christmas lights, warm peppermint lattes, vacation to see family, fluffy colorful scarves, fat snowmen, cute boots, that delightful feeling when your car finally gets toasty warm, Christmas carols, puffy breaths like clouds…how could you not love it?  Well, I do.  So it seems rather a pity that I’ve moved from Colorado and Wisconsin to South Carolina.  We’ve done a couple things to help me cope, like hanging snowflake Christmas lights outside, putting snow on my blog (I love it!) and keeping the house cold enough that I keep my parka on all day (okay, I’m not the biggest fan of that one).  It’s actually pretty cold today: 34 degrees when I took the dogs out this morning.  But it’s not the same when the sun is shining brightly, there’s leaves on the trees, the wind is blowing, and (saddest of all) there’s no chance of snow.  Ah, well.  Every night when we plug in all our sparkly white Christmas lights (and we have a lot–another thing we’ve done to compensate for the lack of snow) I can curl up on the couch and imagine it’s frosty and glittery outside, too.

So, Happy Winter, everyone!


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  1. Donna said,

    As you know, winter isn’t my favorite season, but your post makes me dislike it less! Especially since I have some control over this snowstorm, depending on how I move my mouse. :-D

    Love you!

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