December 3, 2010

The Results Are In! (Drum-roll, Please….)

Posted in Watermarks in Progress tagged at 7:02 pm by Tamara

Well, the results are in!  The votes tally as follows: 70% said “Indubitably a Girl,” and 30% said “Definitely a Boy.”  But, there was really only one vote that counted: Baby’s vote!  I had prayed that he/she would cooperate, and when the time came, Baby very obligingly (and clearly) announced:

“Hi, Mom and Dad!  I’m a BOY!!!”

I think he wanted to be extra sure his nursery would NOT be pink.  Hehe!  Our ultrasound went great.  Little Bear is in the 52nd percentile for weight, which is great to hear since I’ve been wondering why I’m not gaining much weight.  But, as long as he is doing good, I am FINE with that!  We got to see his heart, blood flow, measurements, and even see him take a huge yawn!  It was amazing to watch his little hand go “plunk” on my tummy and feel it at the same time.  And I am absolutely in love with his little nose!  I just can’t believe how much they can measure and check up on as Baby is being knit together.  I don’t think I understood half of what she showed us except her saying “(explanation of picture)—looks great!”  He’s sitting breech right now, but we have plenty of time for him to summersault around.  Hopefully he will be as cooperative with that request as he was with my request for an obvious ultrasound result!

We are so thankful that Little Bear is healthy and developing just like he should be.  And now we can start decorating the nursery!  I have a little blue Classic Pooh Bear onesie sitting next to me, and I LOVE looking at it and picturing it filled with a cuddly little tummy.  Can’t wait!


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