November 29, 2010

Knightley Says Baby is a Girl! No, Wait–a Boy. No, Wait….

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Thursday will be a very exciting day in the Hamill House: assuming Baby cooperates, we will find out whether we should be painting the nursery blue or pink!  The ultrasound has been pushed back three times so far due to various scheduling issues, and I am SO READY to find out!  As a compulsive planner, not knowing has been excruciating.  Of course, I probably haven’t learned my lesson yet, and will probably plan everything to a T for the gender they say Baby will be, and then get a surprise when Baby actually arrives!  Wouldn’t that just be peachy.

Right now our house is split with two girls and two boys (dogs included).  The other night I asked Knightley whether Baby was going to tip the balance of power to the girls or the boys.  He looked in my direction, and I said “Does that mean Baby is a girl?”  Then he looked at Adam, “Oh, you mean it’s a boy?”  Adam piped up then with a helpful suggestion: “You know, Knightly, why don’t you just make it clear and actually walk in one direction or the other?”  Knightly stared philosophically at us for a moment, slowly backed up a few steps, and carefully sat down exactly in place as if to say “Oooooh, no.  I’m not touching this one with a ten foot pole.”  Haha!  It cracked us up.  Smart doggie.  But, since Knightley is too chicken to guess, make sure YOU vote in the poll (it’s on the right)!

We plan to tell the gender, but not the name until Baby is actually here.  Although, while we have a girl name picked, we can’t decide on a boy name, so we may just have to crack and run some options by some people.  Any volunteers?

Adam's getting some practice rocking the "baby"



  1. becs424 said,

    You should name the boy “Nathan.” Because Nathan means Gift from God. And you want to thank Jesus for the gift of your baby and not to name it Nathan would be a slap in the face for God and you don’t want to make God sad because that would be bad.

  2. Donna said,

    You’re killing me with the suspense! First your novel, and now this! So you have to tell me as soon as you find out.

    Love you!
    P.S. How about Lucas or Luke (“Illumination” or “Beloved Physician”)?

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