September 23, 2010


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I’ve had writer’s block for a while, which could more accurately be called “baby block.”  Basically, everything I thought to write about had to do with the baby, and since we hadn’t announced it yet, I couldn’t write them.  Now, though, I’m finding that baby block hasn’t stopped, because what could I possibly write to top that post?  I think the only thing that could top it is going to take another six months.

The only reason I’m actually writing something here is because the only writer’s block currently worse than my blog block is my homework block.  I am experiencing B-U-R-N-O-U-T.  Big time.  I’m sure some of it has to do with the nausea/fatigue, and the rest of it is just being tired of school and tired of the topics I’m studying.  My topics this week are Feminist and Post-Modern Therapies.  (unimpressed expression)  At least it’s not Freud, AGAIN.  If I never read his name again, it will be too soon.  Post-Modern therapy actually has some techniques that I agree with, mostly in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), which mainly implies that you focus on the solutions, not your issues/problems, which sounds obvious, but isn’t obvious.  Usually you come in to counseling saying something like “Aaah!  Fix my bad marriage!” and you end up wanting to talk about everything wrong with your marriage.  SFBT says, “Okay, you had five good days last week, and two days when you fought.  Let’s talk about what made those five days work, rather than harping on the two days that didn’t work.”  I’ve read some really good Christian versions of SFBT.  It emphasizes the pull of the Spirit, rather than the pull of the flesh.  Usually we think “But my desire to yell at him is so strong; why can’t my desire to not yell at him be as strong?”  Well, it is, because we have the Holy Spirit, but we need to train ourselves to hear the Spirit’s still, small voice pulling ourselves in the right direction, just like we feel the flesh pulling us in the wrong direction.  It’s not enough to say “No, Flesh!” we have to say “Yes, Spirit,” too.  SO anyway.  Of course, you can imagine my thoughts on Feminist Therapy and the Post-Modern aspects of SFBT, so I won’t get into those.

But, unfortunately, my assignment is not on SFBT, but on Feminist and Narrative Therapy.  (unimpressed expression again)  And it’s due tonight.  (continued unimpressed expression)  And I’d better get going on it.




  1. Donna said,

    I’m praying for ya. Hang in there!!
    Love you!

  2. Mindy Hedvall said,

    If I understood ANYTHING of what you just said I would try to encourage you…haha…I laughed out loud after reading through half and realizing I had NO CLUE what was going on. :) Glad you’re doing the learning and not me…praying for you though!!!

  3. Kim said,

    Hey Tamara, I loved you interpretations of SFBT. Especially from a Christian perspective. As to the Feminist and narrative therapy, I’m so glad that currently I’m not forced to read and study info. that I totally disagree with! I feel for you!

    Thanks for sharing!


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