August 18, 2010

Be Advised: This is Not Very Interesting

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As you may have gathered from the recent silence, I have nothing to write about.  The only thing I can think of writing about is how much I wish it was Christmas time.  But if I wrote about that, I’m sure there would be a general outcry, so I’ll refrain.  (There are only 128 days left, though.  :D)

Life is plugging along as usual.  I took summer classes, so no break for me (unless you count this Saturday and Sunday before fall classes start.  Which I don’t).  Looks like I’ll have one more year before graduation.  Hurrah!  Considering that I started college for 12 years ago, I think I’m about ready.  Work is work; Adam starts his second job again next week, and his next round of classes.  We’re hoping he’ll be done in Spring of 2013.  Seems so far away!

I read the story of David and Bathsheeba this morning.  I’m reading a chronological Bible (very interesting to see everything in order, even the Psalms with their events.  I’d recommend it), and it is so shocking and disheartening to see David fall.  He was so righteous; wrote so many psalms about “Lord, keep my feet on Your paths, keep me fixed on Your truth,” and then, WHAM!  He’s a murderer and an adulterer.  How does that even happen?  It’s a sobering reminder that “there, but for the grace of God, go I.”  Need to remember to constantly ask God to keep me walking with Him, and beat me over the head the second I start looking off the rooftop.

Knightley is doing well, although he has disgraced himself several times lately.  We won’t talk about that.  His fence has been stopped in its tracks, due to continual heat indexes of 109 (plus humidity).  There’s just no (safe) way to do manual labor in that!  So, we’ll see if we can finish it once it cools down.  I heard Pakistan just set a record for Central Asia: 129 degrees.  Ouch!  How’d you like to wear a burqa in that??  Speaking of heat, we nearly died when we got our electric bill last month (even with barely using the air conditioner).  We installed ceiling fans (quite an adventure, especially in the high sloped ceiling in the living room) and cut 30% off our bill this month.  YEAH!!

I’m still keeping up with my reading goal of a book a week, but I’ve had several “duds” in a row.  Can anyone recommend a good book?

And that…is all I can think of writing.  Sorry!  Life has really not been that interesting, but I guess that can be a good thing.



  1. Mom said,

    I have been reading Francine Rivers’ “Her Mother’s Hope”. Not as good as her Mark of the Lion series, but interesting.

  2. Mom said,

    I thought your post was interesting! I’m always ready to hear more from you. Thanks for making the effort. Love you.

  3. Nate said,

    Have you read C.S. Lewis’ sci fi trilogy? I’m almost through the 3rd book.

    Out of the Silent Planet
    That Hideous Strength

    Kind of an interesting pre moon landing sci fi series, and of course it’s C.S. Lewis.

  4. Danielle said,

    I, for one, and dying for Christmas to get here because it would mean that I’d be getting married in 9 days… so I’m with you in that boat, dear friend.
    Oh, and I love you. Keep posting those boring posts because I read them faithfully and I like them- I don’t even want to throw rotten tomatoes at you or anything

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