July 6, 2010

My Birthday (Or, Knightley Eats Cake)

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My birthday was last week, and I have officially obtained the ripe old age of twenty six.  (Whew!)  Adam made it a great day, although we missed our family terribly!   This was the third birthday I’ve spent away from my family (I spent my 20th birthday in Russia and my 24th birthday in Afghanistan), but it was the first time I was stateside and not with them.  I share a birthday with my wonderful Father-in-law, Rick, which has been a lot of fun and also earned me the nickname “Tami-Ricky.”

We went to see an acoustic Jonny Diaz concert (he sings “More Beautiful You”), which we really enjoyed.  He not only put on a great show musically, but he was hilarious.  There was a comedian there, too, but he was honestly funnier!

Jonny Diaz singing "More Beautiful You"

Jonny Diaz

Adam, sweet man that he is, bravely ventured to make me my birthday cake.  Knightley helped by keeping the floor clean during the process.

Adam and Knightley make the cake

Mr. Knightley

Ran out of frosting for "Happy Birthday," so he abbreviated. lol!

He was worried

But it was wonderful!

Adam was really concerned about the edibility of his creation, but I can attest that it was wonderful!

Mr. Knightley apparently was very sure the cake would turn out wonderfully, and also very convinced that his hard work helping make it deserved a sample.  I think the following picture sequence speaks for itself:

"That looks good. Can I have some?"

"Just a little taste--" (Notice the tongue!!)

"Knightley!" "...What?"

"But, but, but...."

"You...ate it, Mom!" I've never seen him look so disappointed!

He got to lick my fork at the end. I'm a sucker.

Such a funny puppy–he always keeps us entertained.  It was a fun birthday, and God even sent me this beautiful present to end it:



  1. Adam said,

    I’m so glad you liked it, Tamara! You’re so generous with your compliments! ;-)

  2. Mom said,

    LOL! Knightly cracks me up with his antics. I’ll bet Adam’s cake was absolutely wonderful. So sweet of him (and Knightly) to make it for you.

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