July 2, 2010

Points for South Carolina

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I’ve lived in a decent number of places (this is state #5) and found things I’ve loved about each of them.  I generally subscribe to the “bloom where you’re planted” model; I’m pretty sure there’s something great about just about anywhere (although I haven’t tested this theory in, say…nevermind.  I’ll let you fill in that blank.  Heh.)  South Carolina has been a bit of an adjustment, but there are two things that are standing out as major points for the Palmetto State.

Point number one is, of course, THE OCEAN!!!  I lived in California long enough to fall head over heels in love with the ocean.  Interestingly enough, I never associated South Carolina with the ocean.  In fact, I always assumed the only states with “real” oceans were California and Florida, so when friends in the northeast would talk about “going to the beach” I always did a mental double take.  And then there are those friends (ahem, Coloradans and Wisconsonites) who talk about “going to the beach” and then drive to a muddy patch with a lake on the other side of it.  Um, yeah.  Not quite, sorry.  But, no fear, I can now attest to the fact that South Carolina, at least, has a real live beach, complete with white sand, seashells, ocean waves, seagulls, and sunburns.  And I am ECSTATIC!  My only complaint about the South Carolina beaches is that they’re about an hour and a half away.  But I guess that’s not really their fault.

Point number two for South Carolina is the spectacular flowers and flowering trees, particularly the Crepe Myrtles.  When we were here last year to house hunt (I can’t believe it was a year ago!) I was stunned by the trees everywhere that were covered in lacy purple flowers.  This year I’ve discovered they come in three varieties, hot pink, purple, and white.  And believe me when I say they are EVERYWHERE.  I’ve never seen such beautiful trees that bloom for so long.  This year the pink ones are particularly prolific, and the purple ones are a little behind on the blooming.  I already have dreams of planting one right in the middle of our front yard, in view of our front window.  These pictures don’t do them justice, but here’s an attempt:



  1. becs424 said,

    I totally want a few of those pink trees. Do you think they’d survive? We should have gotten some, tied them to the roof of the van, and brought them back up here with us to try it. :)

  2. Tamara said,

    You should look them up online. You never know, they might make it! It did snow on them once this winter and they’re still alive.

  3. Mom said,

    The crepe myrtle trees look beautiful! I wonder how they would do in Colorado. I suspect they would not like it here. But this reminds me of the jacarandas and oleanders , etc. etc in California and how thrilled I was about them when we moved there. Then we moved back to Colorado where we could again enjoy the lilacs and Spring bubs.

    I had to laugh at your description of the Colorado “Beach”! I couldn’t figure out what Nancy was talking about the first time she mentioned “going to the beach”, lol. I also like to laugh about what many like to call “mountains”.

    I admire your ability to find something special about everywhere you have lived. I think God wants us to live that way.

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