June 27, 2010

Mr. Knightley

Posted in Watermarks in Progress at 12:40 am by Tamara

Yesterday I was studying with a blanket on my lap and Knightley at my feet.  I got up at one point to go into the other room, but Knightley was out like a light and didn’t notice.  A few minutes later he groggily stumbled into the living room like this:

He looked for all the world like a sleepy two-year old dragging his blankie behind him.  So cute!

He is such a cuddle bug.  He thinks that all 60 some pounds of him ought to fit quite nicely in my lap, thank you very much.  When Adam and I are on the couch he’ll stare mournfully at us until we move over to let him up.  He’ll start out with his head on Adam’s knee, then somehow his front is in Adam’s lap, then somehow his head is on MY knee, and before we know it his entirety is stretched out across both our laps.

He may be a cutie-face, but he can tear him up some rubber chicken!  This is after about 5 minutes:  wingless, eyeball-less, and nearly headless.

And he luuuuuvs to play tug-a-war with Adam.  Funny thing, he won’t play it much with me.  I think he thinks I play like a girl.  Humph!

He’s also very studious: he loves to read with Adam.  And he always helps me garden, although his main contributions are eating grass and trying to avoid the hot sun.  He has earned the nickname “The Great and Terrible Beetle Eater,” but I won’t share any of those stories.

All in all, we’ve fallen in love with him, and feel very blessed that God gave him to us (even in spite of his bad days, which we won’t talk about).  The pound said he was kept chained in the yard before his old owners left him at the pound.  He has several scars on him, one that stretches almost all the way across his tummy, poor thing.  We don’t know what life he led before we found him, but he seems pretty happy with his life now.  And we’re pretty happy with him, too.  )



  1. Becca said,

    Hey is a very cutie little puppy. Except for when he’s a sass. :)

    Miss you guys!

  2. Mom said,

    That is pretty adorable!

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