April 16, 2010


Posted in Watermarks in Progress at 10:08 pm by Tamara

It’s confession time. I have committed the ultimate blog sin: I have not updated for an extended period of time. It’s pretty much the virtual equivalent of reader-murder. Some of you, I see, have been faithfully checking back, and to whoever you are, thank you! It’s encouraging. Should I offer excuses? Probably not. You’d probably rather have just a real update. But, unfortunately, I am currently AWOL from the homework I should be doing. That’s another crime, which could throw me into the bad-grade slammer.

Sometimes (too often) life seems to get in the way of my profundity. I promise, I have all kinds of profound thoughts about blog posts throughout the day, but they usually vanish into the great unwritten by the time I’m finished with work, homework, housework, and all that stuff.  Can you relate?   (I can hear your sympathetic sighs across the miles….) Adam and I have had a lot of discussions lately about priorities.  We feel a tension between a desire to work hard and accomplish milestones (i.e., take a heavy class-load so we can finish school quickly and begin full-time ministry), and a desire to order our lives so we take time to enjoy the important things (i.e., make our marriage a priority).  We have no promise of tomorrow, and yet we’re told to prepare wisely for it, while still staying present in the moment.  It’s been a stretching time for us as we decide how to spend each hour God has given us, and I think grappling with all these questions will probably teach us a lot.

In the meantime, faithfulness looks like finishing this lecture, taking this test, and cleaning the house.   Not really my preferred way to spend the evening (considering that it’s already past 10:00 p.m.), but it’s good for my moral fiber.  So goodbye, blog world!  I hope I will see you again soon.


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  1. Mom said,

    I certainly can relate. It seems I have been running as fast as I can today, and here I am at 11:30 p.m. and my list of to-do’s has gotten longer, rather than shorter. Thanks (again) for the encouraging words. Love you!

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