March 22, 2010

Howling Guitar

Posted in Watermarks in Progress tagged at 9:28 pm by Tamara

Well, my life as a guitarist began (again) today!  I pulled out my guitar and book (which is just awesome–all sorts of little tips I’ve never heard that make it sound so much better!) and sat down to give my fingertips their first walloping.  Knightley ambled in while I was tuning to investigate why I was sitting on his floor, and as I sounded my first glorious chord, he jumped sky-high and shot to the doorway, where he stood and barked furiously at each successive chord.  Thanks for your vote of confidence, Dog!



  1. Mary Hamill said,

    Funny! Just a weird coincidence about the howling, though, I’m sure. :-) You can give us a concert when we show up. We’ll be looking forward to it!

  2. Cindy Wilson said,

    This reminds me of Chili. When Dave plays the guitar in the living room (where she can’t go) life is good. When he’s anywhere else in the house she makes a beeline for the basement where she hides until the mean, scary guitar is gone! One positive – she’s apparently too scared to howl! :)

  3. Mom said,

    Knightly’s reaction is pretty funny. You really do need a Pansy pup. She is my very best companion for practice. She lies curled up either on my chair or under it, (or gazing at me from the couch across the room), listening patiently to some of the most awful noises, and never complains. :-D

  4. Tamara said,

    Ha! That’s funny about Chili. I can’t figure out why it would bother them? Adam picked the guitar up tonight and Knightley had the same reaction. (I must say, though, he barked a little louder at Adam. Hehe.) I need to pick Dave’s brain on good guitar books. Is there a method he likes?

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