March 13, 2010

The End of Easy

Posted in Water Droplets tagged at 11:49 pm by Tamara

Well, as of 3:30pm today I finished this term and Spring Break started. I’d better enjoy it, because I’ve decided to go full time next block. I may die–we shall see. I must say, though, that Spring Break loses a little of its luster when I still have full time work overshadowing it.

I’ve been feeling unbearably introspective/pensive these past few days. My poet’s pen has been unbearably stuck, however, so I don’t have any outlet for all that dramatic melancholy. Sigh. I should go tumble down a rainy hill or something (points for anyone who knows what I’m talking about.) I’m thankful that God puts up with my restless longings. If nothing else, they remind me that I’m not home yet.



  1. Sense and Sensibility

  2. daniellecrossett said,

    yep, Marianne- Sense and Sensiblilty… and Tamara, I well understand the pensive melancholy feeling (but aren’t you suppose to be a choleric jerk?) I love you!

  3. Tamara said,

    Nate, points for you!! I’m impressed.

    Danielle, it is only fitting that my kindred spirit knows exactly what I’m talking about. :) And yes, I am supposed to be the choleric jerk. Sorry! I’ll try to mend my ways. lol.

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