March 7, 2010

Adam’s Birthday

Posted in Watermarks in Progress at 11:06 pm by Tamara

We celebrated Adam’s birthday last Sunday, and now we get to enjoy being only one year apart for the next four months!  Yes, I “robbed the cradle.”  Or maybe he robbed the old folks’ home, I don’t know.  It was our first celebration away from family since we’ve been married.  I’ve spent several birthdays overseas while on mission trips — one of the interesting perks of having a summer birthday.  I’ve celebrated in England, Russia, and Afghanistan so far, and just missed a birthday in Indonesia.  In Afghanistan for my birthday I got food poisoning and spent the night wondering if it would be my last birthday.  As my dad says, “First you feel so sick you’re afraid you’ll die, and then you feel so sick you’re afraid you WON’T die.”  Haha.

At the Zoo

Dirt Cake!

Anyway.  Off that rabbit trail.  We had a very good day in spite of missing family and all the usual family birthday traditions.  It was free day at the zoo, so we took an adventure there, and I made a dirt cake birthday cake at Adam’s request.

Not too much else exciting happening in our neck of the woods, besides the glorious weather that’s making me itch to plant flowers.  THAT is an interesting psychological development, because I have long suffered from nervous tics and convulsions at the mere sight of garden centers (a condition I attribute to the hours upon hours of my childhood spent wasting away at garden centers while Mom picked out the very best pansies out of all 5,430 to choose from).  Now, however, I’m just dying to plant flowers and trim shrubs.  It’s interesting how your passions change, isn’t it?  For example, I can think of a time not too long ago when I thought I would go nuts as a stay-at-home wife/mom, and now I find myself rather longing for that freedom.  But THAT is topic for another post.  Right now I’m occupying myself by trying to decide what to do with the landscaping.  Should we rip some of the bushes out, or plant flowers in front of them, or what?  I don’t have enough of an artistic eye to plan a garden, I’m afraid.  What would you do?  I know I have some readers with very green thumbs.  Here’s your blank canvas:

The Blank Canvas. What should we plant, and where?



  1. Mom said,

    I have been looking at catalogs, trying to get some inspiration for your landscaping, and am about to conclude that I don’t have enough information. I’ve never grown anything in that part of the country, and I’m not sure what your tastes are in flowers. After all, you’ve never liked growing things much…. :-)
    It did occur to me that you might not want to start with a bunch of roses, since they can be hard to grow and also expensive. Maybe try one or two and see how they do in your yard. Also, be aware of the fact that if you plant annuals they will only grow one year unless they seed themselves, and then you will have to either weed around them or take out everything and start over. If you do have annuals, I would recommend a smaller bed for them so you can weed the area without a huge amount of work. Perennials will come back every year, and you can mulch around them to keep the weeds down. I tend to like bright colors, with larger blooms, since a little goes a long way . The blue delphiniums I planted a couple of years ago were glorious last year. Also, the gloriosa daisies have gotten a lot of compliments because they show up well from the street. They have come back every year on their own, even though they’re not a true perennial, so I just thin them out a little and try to keep the weeds down around them. They have pebbles around them to keep some of the weeds out. Dianthus is a perennial that lasts a few years, then dies down. They’re bright, come in several colors and are easy to grow, but should be “deadheaded” (blossoms cut off after blooming) so they don’t look scruffy. Kind of hard to tell without being there, but my guess is, I would leave the shrubs to hide the foundation, but keep them trimmed back and plant something bright in front of them. also, if you trim the shrubs down, window boxes might look nice hanging from your porch rail. Just make sure you have an easy watering system for them, since they can dry out pretty quickly. A shade lover, like impatience might look pretty in a hanging pot on your porch, and large flower pots can look nice if you have a good place to display them. Again, make sure you can keep them watered, and don’t put a bunch of small stuff in them, but something that can be seen easily from the street. They can be moved in and out of shade, sun, freezing weather, etc. if you want something to last longer than the normal growing season. Hope this helps a little. Love you!

  2. Idk… Grass?… ;-)

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