February 22, 2010

Knightley Takes Things Into His Own Paws

Posted in Watermarks in Progress at 2:10 pm by Tamara

We found out the other day that Knightley considers himself pretty self-sufficient.  We forgot to feed him before Adam dropped me off at work one morning, and when Adam came home he discovered our kitchen trash strewn over the living room.  Okay, fair enough, dog, you didn’t get your breakfast when you usually do.  So Adam dutifully cleaned it up, discovering that Knightley had helped himself to some slightly moldy bagels we’d tossed (breakfast, right?)  After everything was clean, Adam went about his day, and a few hours later was sitting on the couch when Knightley calmly ambled over, stuffed his head under a couch pillow, and pulled out the plastic bagel bag with the last bagel in it.  Seriously?  He was smart enough to save a bagel, hide it in the couch, and then dumb enough to nonchalantly pull it out right in front of Adam??  Dumb dog!  But we had to laugh.  At least he’s preparing for the future….



  1. Mary Hamill said,

    Good puppy! He’s a smart one!

  2. Tamara said,

    (Gasp!) I know grandparents spoil their “grandkids,” but…really! ;)

  3. Cindy Wilson said,

    This is why homes with dogs are so much fun! Wouldn’t you really love to be able to read their little doggie brains?

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