February 12, 2010

Introducing Knightley

Posted in Watermarks in Progress at 11:18 am by Tamara

If you’re my Facebook friend, you’ve undoubtedly noticed our most recent adventure : a dog!  Knightley is about 2 years old and a black lab mix.  We fell in love with him at the shelter a few days ago and brought him home yesterday.  He’d been there since October, poor thing!  He’s doing quite well so far–no accidents in the house and is catching on to basic commands.  We had some trouble this morning (maybe he was stressed because Adam’s gone?) but now he’s calmed down and is sleeping quietly next to me.  :)  And now, the training begins!  He’s not huge, but he’s solid muscle, so good obedience is a must!  Anyone have any training books/techniques you recommend?

We’re both dog lovers, so we have been eagerly waiting to get a dog and are very excited.  I am also very excited about having a vacuum cleaner/broom that I don’t have to manually operate.  And yes, the name comes from a Jane Austen book.  He’s so dignified and serious that it just seemed to fit!


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  1. Michelle Chapman said,

    He is just the cutest thing ever!! He reminds me so much of my pup I can’t even tell you. And if his temperment and attitude are anything like Jerry’s he will be a wonderful delight to have around. Best tip I can give you is be consistent- that will go farther than most anything. And that means you to him, Adam to him as well as what you and Adam each do. (So he doesn’t get confused because you do it one way and Adam does it another.) Labs are great to train because they just want to please you! I’m so excited for you guys and LOVE your new house. Its sooo you!

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