February 9, 2010

New Feature

Posted in Watermarks in Progress at 10:30 pm by Tamara

You may have noticed a new little feature here at Watermarked One, the Polls section (on the right hand sidebar.)  Previously I polled about what kind of dog we should get.  Now I have posted a poll of utmost importance.  You have the power to determine the life or death of this little widget.  Please vote carefully….  ;)

Alright, with that little exercise in the non-sequitur over (you DID vote, didn’t you?), I have some sad news.  My beloved keys have gone missing, and I am quite beside myself with worry.  We have torn our house apart three times (rather depressing since we spent the last month putting it together!  Humph!) and I’ve called almost every place I can think that I’ve been lately.  Alas–it’s a week later and they are still missing.  And so it is with heavy heart that I am organizing a prayer vigil for my keys.  If you are reading this, the vigil is right now, so please take a moment and pray for the speedy recovery of my precious keys.  Thank you.

And now, before I go further off the deep end, goodnight!  :)


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  1. Kim said,


    I love the idea of a poll…and yours cracks me up:) I’ve tried one on my blog too but no one seemed to notice it. Of course I was not so clever as you and did not go to the trouble of introducing it or even polling to see if one should pole…love the responses so far in particular the last choice…interesting! LOL!!!

    As to the keys…that’s so frustrating and man, I’ve so been there. Praying now!!!

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