February 4, 2010


Posted in Watermarks in Progress tagged , , at 11:30 pm by Tamara

One of the perks of South Carolina I’m enjoying is the mid-winter sunshine.  Sunshine really does make everything seem just a little brighter, both literally and emotionally.  I’ve figured out that at about eleven every morning at work there’s a patch of sunshine that falls a couple feet from my register.  I deliberately plan my mornings so I’ll have some task I can do over there that will make standing in those rays of sunshine look mostly necessary.  <smile>

I was pondering the sunshine and how it somehow seems to send a message of “everything is okay—there’s a reason to be joyful!”  It lights the way for us so we can see clearly and understand more fully.  It gives us nourishing vitamins (that still blows my mind—how does it do that??), it purifies, it warms.  At the same time, if you get too close or don’t respect its power, it can hurt you.

Then I thought, in heaven there will be no sun, because God’s very essence will do all those things.  Think about God’s presence permeating the air so He affects us the same way as sunlight, only unimaginably more intensely and perfectly.  Think of His presence affecting you the way you feel when you step out your front door on a day off and feel a glorious rush of bright, exuberant energy.  Think of being with Him, and how that will flood through any cold, broken emotions and dissolve them forever.  Think of being nourished mentally, emotionally, and spiritually just by being with Him.  The thoughts give me tingles.  If God’s presence is like sunlight (and we know that God is light)…ah!  I can’t wait!


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