January 12, 2010

Another New Thing….

Posted in Watermarks in Progress tagged , , , at 11:44 pm by Tamara

I start work tomorrow, and I have to say I’m feeling pretty apprehensive. The problem is that I just plain really like being liked, and, to be honest, starting all over again trying to make people like me is a blow to my pride and security. Will they like me? Be fine with the new girl telling them what to do? All in all, if I’m honest, I’m a little bitter that I had to go to all the work to build relationships, earn approval, etc., at my old store, and now have to start all over again. And, even worse, I don’t like seeing my PRIDE rear its ugly head when I realize all this!

I’ve been thinking of all the Bible characters who suddenly had to start over. My favorite, though, is Joseph. Imagine the effort it took to degrade himself to not only do the work of a slave, but do it with excellence. But he did it, working with so much integrity that he was promoted to incredible favor because the Lord was with him. And then, WHAM! He finds himself in prison. Prison. A dirty, disease-ridden, dark place where he was probably chained, beaten, starved and mistreated. What in the world made him decide to get off the floor of his cell and serve? I think I would have cried foul. Forget about prison, part of me is crying foul just because I have to start at a new store! I think I would have wondered how this could possibly be what happens when the Lord “is with you.”

But there are two patterns to Joseph every time he is brutally forced to start over. One, no matter where he was, he just plain worked. I doubt he was imagining much “career advancement” when he served the other prisoners, but he did it anyway. Two, the reason that he rose each time was that God was with him (Genesis 39:2). God made everything he did prosper (39:23), God made other people like him (39:21), God showed other people that His spirit was with Joseph (41:38). God was so faithful to Joseph, but Joseph would have missed it all if he decided to be angry at God or to just quit. God knows what He’s doing!

My takeaway for tomorrow is to first of all just stop worrying about it and…work! The goal at this new job is (duh) not to make people like me, but for them to see Christ. I haven’t been at peace about tomorrow because my eyes have been on the wrong place: me. God keeps us in perfect peace when our minds are fixed on Him and trusting Him. So, I need to think about Him tomorrow. How can I show His love, priorities, work ethic, integrity, etc? And I need to trust Him that if I need to be liked to accomplish what He wants, He’ll make people like me. And it will be because of HIM in me.

I know, I know. Pretty basic, right??



  1. Natalie said,

    Tamara girl, thanks for your honesty! I’m praying for you and hear you on this. You are very likeable…well, lovable really! Can’t wait to hear how your first day goes. And we need to chat about out adventure here soon…when you are settled in.

  2. Marla said,

    You are in our prayers!!! Remember you’ll never please all the people all the time…only God knows WHO might be changed with your presence in N.C.- HE’s the ONLY ONE- ONE & ONLY that matters anyway…and humanly, I say-
    there’s nothing not to like about you (acceptance with a new person in authority notwithstanding)!!!

  3. Mom said,

    It sounds not only basic, but wise and insightful. B.t.w., I like you. In fact I LOVE you. Thanks for sharing another inspiring blog message.

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