January 10, 2010

Panic! It’s 28 Degrees Outside!!

Posted in Watermarks in Progress at 8:43 pm by Tamara

I unpacked the kitchen today, and we had our first home-cooked meal: TADA! RAMEN!! Yeah, I know. We also painted the kitchen and did many various and sundry other things. Adam scoured the bathtub multiple times because he’s wonderful and because I’m horribly creeped out by showers other people have been in. (I wear flip flops in my own shower and only take showers, never baths. …Okay, it’s a little bit of a psychosis. But…ew!!) Plumber still hasn’t come, so we have a working toilet in one bathroom and a working shower in the other. BAD plumber! But, between all the scrubbing, painting, and unpacking, it’s starting to look like a real home. Pictures will come as soon as there are no boxes in sight!

We thought we were moving AWAY from the cold, but it’s currently 28 degrees (outside, not INSIDE anymore, thankfully). I guess it’s still 15 degrees warmer than it is in WI right now, but not quite the sunbathing weather I was hoping for. It is rather entertaining to watch the natives buy out all the milk and bread in the stores with panicked expressions, however. And on THAT note, I should go find a grocery store, now that we have a working kitchen!


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  1. Mom said,

    Sounds like you are making wonderful progress. Almost makes me want to move everything out of our house and back again so I can scrub everything from top to bottom. But we have made quite a bit of progress cleaning the storage room the past several days, so I guess that’s something. I’m happy you’re getting moved in and making your house a home!

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