January 9, 2010

Commencing Radio Silence In….

Posted in Watermarks in Progress tagged at 8:32 am by Tamara

Well, it’s here: the official move-in day! We’ve cleaned and painted as many surfaces as we could (which is not all of them, sadly) and today we move in all our stuff. We don’t have internet at the house yet, so I’m going to have to wait until I can find Wi-Fi before I update again.

The last two days were much less exciting than day 2, thankfully! Most notably, we have HEAT!! Plumber is supposed to come back tomorrow and fix all the things he tore apart a few days ago. We have a few more days to frantically unpack and finish painting before I start work. Whew! Thank God for coffee, sugar, and adrenaline (nothing like screaming while pulling a fist-sized hairball wrapped around a toothbrush out of your drain to pump up the adrenaline….)

Let the adventure continue!



  1. Mom said,


    I’m glad the excitement is waning somewhat. I remember sleeping on a mattress on the floor and being thankful, our first night in this house. Don’t remember any hairballs, though, except for the ones the cat produced.

    I’ll look forward to hearing more once you find internet service. Until then, have fun cleanin’ the castle. Hopefully it won’t take a miracle. :-)

  2. Mary Hamill said,

    It’s going to be so much fun to keep up with your adventures by reading your blog, Tamara. It ALMOST feels like we’re there! :-) Glad so many things have been taken care of. (And hope you found the box with the bed stuff in it!!) Love you guys!!

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