November 9, 2009

The Solemn Burial of Old Printer

Posted in Watermarks in Progress tagged at 10:56 am by Tamara

Adam and I decided to tackle our storage space in the basement last night. We wanted to sort it and get rid of as much as possible before we move. Downside was there wasn’t much we could get rid of. Sigh. But that is not my story.

One of the things we found was my old printer. I had a long, mostly-faithful relationship with that printer. Mostly I loved it because the ink was cheap. No bells and whistles, it just worked without hiccups. But, sadly, eventually it stopped working consistently, until one day after fighting with it and our back-up printer unsuccessfully, I wailed at my newlywed husband to please just DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! He promptly left the apartment and returned with a new one. That was one of my first experiences with a very nice perk of marriage: there’s someone to fix the problem for me! Whoa!

Anyway, Old Printer went to storage for some reason, and last night I decided it was time to get rid of it. I tucked it under my arm and walked out into the clear night, headed for the dumpster. It was a beautiful, dramatic night–the wind was rustling through the trees and dry leaves were skittering across the ground. I felt rather sad about my quest, and for some reason started thinking about all the major life changes this printer had accompanied me on. But, another life change was fast approaching…and there was just no room in the moving van for Old Printer. My life had gone on without him.

I heaved him up over the side of the cold, dirty dumpster and told myself it was okay–it’s just a printer, not a person. Down it clattered into the smelly darkness. The wind kicked up a gust, swirling through the chilly darkness, and I turned my back.

You may not believe this (I felt rather incredulous myself), but as I turned away to walk back through the darkness, never to see Old Printer again, I heard a low, sollumn sound as, at that exact moment, the church bells began to resonate mournfully in the distance. “What?” I thought, “Church bells? For my PRINTER??” And then I did a most UN-solemn thing, considering the occasion: I laughed.

And THAT is the end of my freebie story. You may proceed to psychoanalyze it at your leisure now.


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  1. Cristine said,

    I just read this and literally laughed out loud. (A very un-solemn thing to do, I know.) I’m concerned for you, dear sister. Are you turning into me? You’re not supposed to be so sentimental about old stuff! :)

    P.S. Rest in peace, Old Printer. *sniff* :'(

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