October 30, 2009

A GPS and a Cliff…Dun Dun Dun!

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CliffHard to believe, but our move is just over two months away. Or, should I say, our Fling-Ourselves-Over-A-Cliff-Into-The-Great-Unknown-And-Un-Paid-For adventure is just over two months away. I’ve been pondering the multitude of things that we’ll need to have once we move, like another car (so we can both work and do school), a laptop for Adam’s classes, high speed internet required for my classes…. And, yeah, I have no idea how we’re going to pay for them.

Before I started pondering all the necessities, I had been thinking about how nice it would be to have a GPS once we move. I vividly remember my (now hilarious, then not so much) adventure trying to find food the first night I arrived in Wisconsin. How nice it would have been to plug “grocery” into a GPS and NOT eat a dinner of beef jerky and gummy peachy rings that I finally found at the only open store I thought might have some semblance of food. But, I pretty much despaired of buying a GPS once I thought of all the other things we’ll actually NEED.

You may remember the episode of the couch God gave us. I was freaking out about whether or not we’d have a couch when we moved (rather than freaking out about, say, how we’d be able to buy groceries). So, God dropped a couch in our laps, which has been sitting in the basement for a year. It seemed like He was telling me, “Calm down, Tamara. I know what you need, and I’ll take care of it. And just to drive it home a little more thoroughly, here’s a couch. Which you don’t even need yet. Just so you remember I’ve got it under control.”

Well, last week, right about the time that I was resisting the temptation to mildly hyperventilate about all the things we’ll need and can’t afford, I randomly got into a conversation with a coworker about technology and fun toys…and GPS systems…which led to her saying they had a GPS they never use (which, incidentally, was the kind I wanted)…did we want to buy it…for a fraction of its original price…etc, etc. So, yes. We now have a GPS system. And I will be able to find grocery stores in our new city!

So, if God can provide a way for me to FIND the food, I’m supposing He can provide a way for us to DRIVE to the food, and BUY the food, and I think I shouldn’t worry. It kind of amuses me how BLATANT He is. He hasn’t provided the necessities for us yet, He’s provided the things we don’t really need and asked us to keep trusting Him and step off the cliff anyway, because we know the One who will catch us.

A quote from the couch episode:
“How does He know—and choose—such personal and detailed ways to show me He loves me? It’s absolutely the dumbest detail to take care of right now, and that’s part of why it speaks so sweetly to me. I’m sure what He’s telling me is that not only will He take care of everything, but that He cares even about the things that I think are too dumb for Him to bother with. He LOVES blessing me. Loves it.

“His provision isn’t a begrudging, give-you-the-bare-minimum-because-I-have-to sort, it’s lavish and joyful and personal…. It’s like one last little flourish on His extravagance. ‘See, Tamara? I’ve got it all taken care of, and I get a kick out of doing it. I’m so far ahead of you…you can chill a little. In fact, why don’t you come curl up on the couch for a while?’ ”

Maybe I’ll use our GPS to find a good spot to chill with God for a while.



  1. Mark said,

    Thanks for sharing. It was very encouraging to read and we needed to hear it at this stage in our lives. Thanks for pressing forward.

  2. Cristine said,

    Ha! I love it. The couch was funny enough, but the GPS makes it even better! Reading this helps me believe that maybe He’ll take care of the unknown things I worry about, too.

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