July 7, 2009


Posted in Poetry tagged at 8:56 pm by Tamara

My soul is running tonight.
Restless, answerless;
I can’t fight, so I run.
I run inside, run to You.

Lord, I long to express
The heavenly void in my heart
That aches and calls in words
that are not from this world

I am running inside,
Running, beating, fighting the air.
Stop me, still me.
I fling myself to Your feet.

These aches rush through my soul—
This holy dissatisfaction,
It whips and waves in torrents
Captured within me.

The flame of Your Word
consumes me softly and strongly.
Let the fire dance and whip,
Burn me down to fiery coals.

Light confined within me cries
to be thrown in piercing beams.
Break me, set it free!
Show Your surpassing greatness.

Oh Father, find me.
Speak to me, light me.
Penetrate the darkest corners,
Flood me with your light.

I can only be light as You consume.
Dead to self, alive to You.
Set me as a flame on fire,
Burn me out in a land of darkness.

Let them see Your light as I burn away.
Less of me, Lord—
Less of me.


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