July 3, 2009

A La Carte–Bad Attitude, Jesus-Run Insurance, VBS, and 90s music

Posted in Water Droplets at 10:28 pm by Tamara

I am not in a good mood. I’m in a grumpy, resentful mood, to be exact. And over nothing. I have to do something I don’t like doing. Big deal. I’ve been trying to snap myself out of it. What magic phrase do YOU tell yourself when you need to knock off a bad attitude? (I’m really curious for your answers to that.) For me it usually starts with confession of my rottenness, even if that confession sounds like, “Lord, I agree with you that I’m being rotten. Please forgive me. Help me to stop justifying my rottenness.”

Unrelated topic (this is “a la carte,” after all): I’ve been thinking the last few days about what the world will be like when Jesus returns for the millennial kingdom. I’ve usually had a (albeit silly, I admit) mental picture of Jesus sitting on a throne ruling a medieval-ish society. But then the other day I thought, “Whoa, what will it be like when Jesus runs our health care system?” Imagine THAT! I’m not a big fan of dealing with insurance companies, but imagine when they’ll be run by Jesus. What will that be like? And carry that thought on to education, road maintenance, car sales, job interviews…with an omnipotent, omniscient God running things. What would construction season in Wisconsin look like with Jesus overseeing things? The thoughts pretty much blew my mind. And then add to that the thought that we’ll be helping Him rule all this, only in our glorified states. Whoa.

I survived VBS. Many of you have witnessed or heard about how stressed I was trying to coordinate the dramas for it. I like drama, but I do NOT like crowd-participation drama. (“Here, you herd of rambunctious energy balls! Why don’t you come on stage with me and pretend to be my army? Won’t this be fun! Greeeeat! No, no, get off that fan blade. Gideon’s army didn’t have ceiling fans to spin on. And you—with the permanent marker! Get off the pew!!”) Okay, so it wasn’t that bad. Not at all, actually. The kids were great. But this is me…the pessimistic control freak. (Ouch, that sounds bad when I write it.) Kids are not exactly my ideal commodity to try to keep under control. Hence I streeeeeesssssssssss. And in particular, I stressed about trying to find the hoards of men I needed to play all the male parts. (I know God must have known how hard it would be to find VBS actors when He wrote the Bible about so many men, but…c’mon!) I guess I can’t complain about that, though, since if it WASN’T hard to find men to play these parts, I wouldn’t have had to bat my eyelashes at Adam to coerce him into helping, and we might not be married today.

But, for all the stress, I learned several valuable lessons:

  1. I’m a control freak. I haven’t quite processed what I’m supposed to do about this one yet. I’ll get in under control soon, though, I’m sure.
  2. Kids deserve more credit than I give them. They may not be as orderly as my control-freak nature would like, but, miraculously…they still get what we’re trying to teach. I can calm down. And I’m not as bad at teaching them as I’ve convinced myself I am.
  3. I need to say no. Even when people come to me with the quivering lip and say, “There’s no one else to do this! We’re desperate!” that doesn’t mean it’s God’s leading for me to say yes. If I say no and it doesn’t get done, it must not have been THAT important, or someone would have stepped up. And I need to say no to some things if I’m going to say yes to other things God asks me to do.

The radio is playing the top 99 songs of the 90s right now. I feel so…old. I fell asleep listening to these songs just a few months ago, right? Ah well. I love them.

I’m in a better mood now. It’s amazing how asking for forgiveness can make me see how I’m wrong. G’night, all!


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  1. Mary Hamill said,

    Amen to all of the above, Tamara!! And about Jesus governing everything someday – I’ve thought of that too. Can we even begin to conceive of a world where justice and right ALWAYS win out?? Where everything is done efficiently and with excellence? Let’s roll – I’m ready!! (But that’s my self-centeredness talking. Just watching a bit of the hoopla today surrounding the MJ funeral reminds me that there is MUCH to be done in SO MANY lives first. . .)

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