June 28, 2009

A La Carte

Posted in Water Droplets tagged at 9:54 pm by Tamara

VBS tonight went remarkably well. The dramas were perfect, the kids paid attention, and I wasn’t even that stressed. I even found myself at one point thinking that the kids were cute. Then I found myself thinking that Adam looked so cute working with the kids. Then I smacked myself. Them’s daaaaangerous thoughts.

VBS did make me think about when Adam and I first started dating, though. I distinctly remember being onstage in a ridiculous, very un-flattering Bible time costume, leading the kids in ridiculous songs with ridiculous motions, with this guy watching me who I’d been out with once, and me thinking, “Well, if he still likes me after THIS at least I’ll know he’s serious!” Apparently he was. Reminiscing also made me think about how much I love being committed to him. (No pun intended.) I love NOT wondering who “The One” is, not stressing over how I should feel/think about this guy, etc. I love choosing to love him and not looking back. It’s so relaxing in comparison!

I’ve been contemplating what I want to do for my quarter-life crisis. Something dramatic, I’m sure. Then I started wondering if being unemployed, starting a blog, and generally being a deadbeat counted already. If so, apparently I will only live to be 96.

And in the most exciting news: I WAS GIVEN A KINDLE2 for my birthday!!!! (A Kindle is basically an iPod for books—you can download books wirelessly from anywhere in under 60 seconds, it holds 1,500 books that I can now carry in one small device, I can search for quotes in books, it has a dictionary where you can hover over any word and it gives a definition, it remembers the page you left off on, even if it’s been months since you read a particular book…it’s basically awesome.) I’ve wanted one ever since I heard about it but never thought I’d be able to afford one. Adam arranged for both sides of our family to buy it for me together. Not only that, but they gave me a CD with 200 classic books on it. I’m now swimming in Austen, Dickens, Dostoyevsky, Melville, Hawthorne, Frost, Eliot, Bronte, Plato, Shakespeare…. I’m in booklovers heaven. What a wonderful husband and family I have!!



  1. daniellecrossett said,

    Tamara, dear Tamara, I think that you should write a short story about how you met and started dating Adam… I remember the story fairly well myself… it is a good one :) I especially loved how animated you were about it at the time. Good memories.
    And I very much look forward to the day when I can be as “relaxed” as you are :)
    I know this is beside any point, but I have to get it off my chest…Today has been a Jonah Day (as Anne Shirley says)… she also said that plum puffs cannot minister to a mind diseased and a world that has crumbled into pieces. I’ve just eaten a piece of lemon blueberry cream pie, and I think that it does just a little better at righting the world for me than plum puffs did for Anne… and that is all I have to say on the matter.

  2. Tamara said,

    (big sympathetic, worried eyes) What’s wrong, Anne? I’ll be Diana. A bit dense, but means well. Everything okay? It’s not arthritis acting up, is it? Or too much starbucks cherry cordial??

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