June 25, 2009

Loved by the God of the Storm

Posted in Poetry tagged at 9:40 am by Tamara

Lightning sparkles outside my window
As rain scatters across the ground.
Thunder vibrates a power unknowable
As winds dance wildly in chaos.

Somehow the tumult outside calms the storm in me.
The torrents match a river inside
As they whip and wave and cascade
In rapids indefinable and painful.

I sit entranced with eyes uplifted
My knees hugged to my chest.
Why of all You could demonstrate tonight
Have You chosen to show Your strength?

The lesson I cannot seem to learn
Presses heavily against my raging emotions.
The pieces are searing, ones I cannot forget,
And yet understanding spitefully eludes me.

I desperately crave Your comfort and assurance.
The pain of rejection is like icy daggers tonight,
I cried and sank to bed exhausted,
Until I woke and wandered out to behold Your glory.

How well You know the caverns of my soul.
You who have searched me and known me,
And woven together every intricate detail
Of who I am—of the emotions that tear at me tonight.

It is You who knows how to comfort.
I, in my brokenness, do not even know what I crave.
But now I sit and behold the wonders that declare who You are,
The heavens that proclaim Your majesty.

Tonight You did not want to show Your mercy,
It is not Your gentleness that I see outside,
Nor is it Your justice that seems to call
From the tempest’s wild ballet.

Strength is what I see tonight
As lightning sparks untraceably while
Thunder crashes through heavy air and
Raindrops shatter like diamonds.

What strength that can contain the torrents,
That can draw on the sky with white-hot lightning
And send the winds to throw the rain in beauty—
All to send a message to a broken, weary soul.

I cry in my brokenness.
I hold up the pieces of my shattered heart
“Do You not see me?  Can You mend me?”
This ache is above words, above my understanding.

And You respond with this—
This rushing, sparkling, pounding display of Your strength.
To the ache in me beyond words,
You respond with a tempest beyond words.

You who orchestrate the mighty beauty I am captivated with
Hold the events of my life in Your hand.
The same hands that send lightning dancing across the stars
Are the hands which filter all that touches me.

Why am I afraid when You are the One who loves me—
You communicate in what You know I will hear.
What love is this that will command the heavens
Simply to calm a broken, weary heart?

You enthrall me as I behold Your splendor,
There is peace in the waves as I behold my Lord.
I stand in the torrents of the love of the Mighty One—
I am loved by the God of the storm.

Copyright TH, 2005


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  1. This is powerful, and so much to ponder. I feel the truth in the mighty storm, you area witness to the pen, great job, thank you, much appreciated WS

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